About the TAP Profile

The TAP Profile gives teams a way to visualize the ways they relate together to "become a team." When used to track team dynamics over time, TAP helps teams avoid inertia and become more confident in experimenting, innovation and "safe to fail" risk taking. Performance potential scales when people become both more confident in advocating for their own positions, as well as being supportive of the positions held by others. As a result, teams "level up" in performance and grow in potential.

What is the best way to use the TAP Profile ?

The best way to use the TAP Profile is to survey teams at multiple times during the year, to enable teams to have more open conversations around the shifting patterns they observe in the survey results. Teams will learn to spot changes in context that they are tuning into on an intuitive or subconscious level, or to identify early signs of incoherence in their ways of interpreting their collective situation. TAP is also a good tool to identify emergent leadership in individuals or groups. 

TAP Profile also enables you to shift people around into teams whose dynamics will be more precisely suited to different kinds of projects.

Why is TAP better?

While other kinds of surveys can measure raw performance after the fact, our TAP Profile visualizes patterns that indicate early on when teams are on the verge of incoherence, or on the verge of entering peak performance states, enabling you to make course corrections or shift into higher gear faster and in smarter ways.