Coaching & Consulting

Our applications can help you start up smarter, scale your agile operations or reinvent your corporate architecture. We enable start-ups to identify and activate the key resources needed to launch. We facilitate synergistic collaboration across teams that are otherwise operationally closed.  We help shift problematic assumptions around corporate structure, leadership, and organizational life into strategic conversations that shed new light and reveal actionable solutions at the root sources of conflict and creativity. 

Emergent Leadership

Management Team Coaching

In the face of escalating task demands, individual leaders risk "falling in over their heads." We help leaders transition from centralized networks and direct-report dependencies to self-organized teams that collaborate on strategic performance goals. Emergent leadership is an outcome of distributed intelligence and open communications. It offers smart, agile decision making and creative approaches to strategic choice.

POV Profile  

Enhanced Team Action-Potential

POV Profile is an assessment of a team's action- potential based on members' stories about performance, objectives and values.  This profile identifies action-potentials that emerge only at the collective level, and thus can be used to enhance team performance.  The profiles help teams identify, reflect on and improve their team dynamics, and build capacities for integrating cross functionality, agile responsiveness, self-management, and collective innovation.

CRiSP Organizational Design

Organizational Development

We help an organization stay CRiSP - continually regenerating it's own starting position -- by designing  open architecture, communications platform and a governance that evolves -- all based on participatory principles. CRiSP organizations thrive in uncertain environments and in times of rapid change. CRiSP organizations are responsive and agile, and have structures that learn.

Strategic Guidance for Complex Environments 

Team Management Seminars

We teach leaders the four languages of change, which are essential for strategic thinking in complex environments. We build confidence in leaders by helping them and their teams work with uncertainty and emergent outcomes. By identifying emergent patterns teams can employ continuous adaptive responses to dynamic change.

Collective Insight Practice

Multi-day Workshops for Teams

We facilitate collective insight practices for teams. Collective insight practice is a process that catalyzes clarity, insight and cognitive flow in teams, to activate innovative thinking. Our process helps teams unlock assumptions and reveal blind-spots that obstruct generative solutions to complex problems.

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