set people free

Create an environment of transparency and trust

People flourish in environments of transparency and trust. Transparency means everything is allowed to enter public access, and nothing is too sacred to explore or too dangerous to discuss. Trust is an outcome of transparent communication, mutual regard, and the ability to sustain an ever-deepening interpersonal engagement. 



Integrate power & trust

Empowering a team means enabling the team to control their own destiny and it also means helping every person to become a more powerful member of their team. Successful integration of individual power and mutual trust is key to creating a performance culture.



Define excellence at all scales


Define what excellence means to you and how that translates into your organization. Ask others to identify areas of excellence they are striving for with their teams and as individuals, and help them make that their priority at work. Implement organization-wide practices that notice and reward people as they strive for excellence.



Talk values

Excellence, power, trust -- are the three pillars of a performance culture. They are cultivated and sustained through "evaluative discourse" -- having conversations about what matters most to us. It means tapping into greater performance potential through open, authentic dialogue.