Accelerate Transformation

A new understanding of organizational life is transforming the workplace

We are reinventing what it means to participate, by experimenting with self-organizing teams that continually renew their passion, ignite their enthusiasm, and activate their imagination in collaborative way of working together. While the troubling economy puts increasing pressures on organizations to change, the key influences of power in the workplace are being overturned by new generations of people who value autonomy and connection over ambition and status. This is the birth of the new economy, taking place in the transformation of the social fabric at the heart of the organisation. We are seeing that social, economic, and governance being transformed in the loci of production -- where smart machines and social media are accelerating transformation. This new zeitgeist is less interested in the old social influences of authority and social obligation, and more concerned in demonstrable legitimacy and guaranteeing universal access to the common wealth. Today we are more interested in opt-in/out ways of participation than with committed and consistent roles. We are empowered by communities of practice and peer-to-peer connectivity rather than social status and statutory reputation. We are a generation exploring real abundance in nature and ingenuity that flows from the freed human spirit. This shift in attitude signals a reckoning with old ways of power which instrumentalizes the earth, and institutionalizes and bureaucratizes human activity. We can accelerate this transformation by paying attention to how these emergent themes arise in our everyday interactions in the workplace, and responding to them in positive ways, instead of defending the status quo against them.