What we do

Workplace development to improve information flow

Streamline operations to be more agile

Improve team capacity to meet complex challenges

So you can


Become future-ready


Workplace development

spot vital cues earlier

Yesterday's organizations are not designed for today's uncertain times. Organizations need to detect cues early on and identify which ones signal important information for a future direction. Workplace development becomes a crucial factor in building the capacity to scan more broadly and interpret more accurately.  How we organize ourselves determines what we pay attention to and how we learn.

Create open-space platforms


Agile operations

 get information out faster

Open communications and distributed decision-making are key requirements for effective response in a volatile world. Organizations need to get information out faster, in ways that do not prioritize the wrong things or overload the capacity of people to make sense of the situations. Human-scale interactions supported by powerful visualizations and engaged participation are key features of agile operations.

Build strategic depth


Team performance

 lower thresholds for action

Team dynamics tend to amplify some interactions and dampen others, and so, over time, teams settle into states of inertia. Advanced sensemkaing technologies help visualize and track the action logics that emerge at the collective level, and can unblock inertia by lowering the thresholds for action. As teams track their own pattern dynamics, they build more confidence and greater capacities for strategic action.


"In a complex world we need to make sense in order to act. In an increasingly volatile world we will need to act in order to make sense. Teams that master these potentials and transition through action states faster, will evolve to meet future challenges."