Perspectives on Complexity

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Perspectives on Complexity


October 27 -29, Schmagerow House


Perspectives from Complexity


Leadership, Emergent Culture, & Collective Intelligence



Leaders, managers, consultants, agile team members, executive coaches, and students of organizational theory; early adopters of agile operations and responsive organizations; change-makers focusing on next generation workforce; facilitators interested in cutting edge group practice; business owners and corporate executives responsible for organizational learning; business, organizational, and management scholars researching emergent themes in organizational life.


This second course in the certification track takes a retrospective look at the origins of the modern organization and the core assumptions around the dominant discourse in management theory. We learn how to adopt a critical reflexive attitude around the dominant discourse, and techniques to break out of old ways of thinking and breakthrough into new perspectives. Key topics include:

  • what complexity science isn't
  • the promise and perils of complexity thinking
  • creating conditions for distributed decision making
  • how to design for emergent cultures
  • teaming up to collaborative leadership
  • how to close the knowledge-power gap
  • why individual leadership is unsustainable in complex environments
  • how to build strategic performance inside network teams
  • a sneak preview of sense-making technologies
  • resilience thinking and anti-fragile ecosystems
  • cultivating reflexive thinking



A 2-day workshop on how the new science of complexity is transforming organizational life.

Day 1: Leadership & Strategy

  • Strategic management in perspective
  • Next generation leadership
  • The challenge of uncertainty
  • Resilience thinking

Day 2: Emergent Culture

  • Designing for emergence
  • From critical path to collective intelligence
  • Coming to our senses

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