About the ARC Profile

The ARC Profile shows you how people make sense of the organization as a whole. It enables you to see the different ways that people think about change, what cues they are focused on, and what trends they are prioritizing. Some surveys confirm broad alignment on a single strategic direction, but others show that the organization is tracking an array of multiple futures. ARC enables you to identify the different mindsets people have about the future direction of the organization. It can show which of the three key ways people orient themselves when thinking about strategic choice.

What is the best way to use the ARC Profile?

The best way to use the ARC Profile is with leaders who are considering questions of strategy and change at the organizational level. If you are developing leadership teams, or moving toward shared leadership,  ARC can track changes in meaning-making over time as individual leaders shift away from acting as independent contributors who collect and aggregate information in order to persuade people, towards collective visioning, co-creation and other emergent forms of collective intelligence.

Why is ARC better?

While other kinds of surveys can spot global and general trends that people are consciously tracking, our ARC Profile can identify important local trends that people are intuiting at earlier stages, giving you a head start to prepare, allowing you to change direction earlier and in smarter ways.