About the APP Profile

The APP survey profiles what matters most to people when they are at work. It allows you to respond to patterns of ill-being early on, and to reinforce patterns of well-being in a more natural, ongoing manner. APP is a mutli-dimensional assessment of how people experience their work life. When reflecting on their results, people gain their own insights into relational engagement and collective action. As a result, people begin to open up to and participate in conversations around what matters most to them. The very human dimensions of our work experience, which rarely surface in conventional surveys, becomes a catalyst for reflexive inquiry, creating virtuous cycles of learning. 

What is the best way to use the APP Profile?

Ongoing surveys that track changes over time, supported by shared reflections, is the best way to use the APP Profile. When employees see patterns in themselves and their teams, they are able to reflect on what is working or not working, before situations become too complicated to interpret clearly, or too far along to successfully intervene.

Why is APP better?

When other kinds of surveys ask people to self-report on how they feel, people tend to answer with their generalized intellect, hence subverting deeper meaning-making processes. Our APP survey is able to get to the implicit, tacit, and oftentimes unconscious values that are actually driving human behavior. It's easy, intuitive and non-judgmental format, enables people to reflect on core values more deeply and share their reflections with others more confidently.