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In modern digital environments, too much information is more likely to be the challenge, rather than too little information. Closed networks enhance information flows, but impede actionable choices that are needed to extract meaning from them. Research in sensemaking  proves that in order to avoid information overload, people need to be able to move toward information they sense  is relevant, and move away from information they sense is superfluous. 

This means organizations must integrate actionable choice as part of their sensemaking platform so that information inputs do not exceed processing capacities. 

The ability to manage complexity is not the same as the ability to extract simplicity from complexity

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Reason with your feet!

Research shows that in uncertain situations, or when trying to solve highly ambiguous problems, people act first and then make retrospective sense of their actions only afterwards. Retrospective sensemaking tends to serve as public justification of our actions. Agile teams that build confidence in action-rationality, will outperform other teams who are stuck in conventional decision-path reasoning.

Drop your tools!

Studies on firefighters in crisis situations reveal key turning points in team dynamics that hold the balance between survival and death. Although it is counter-intuitive to novices, who instinctively want to lighten the load to run away, and get rid of something highly flammable 99.99% of crisis situations are avoided by holding onto your chain saw and gas tank, because 99.99% of the time, firefighters cut their way out of a crisis.  Therefore, novices must learn how to resist their innate instincts. However, 0.01% of crises require just the opposite! and firefighters must resist the wisdom of their training and drop their tools! 

Focus on actionable choice!

Choices determined through analyzing data or sophisticated methods of reasoning deliver different outcomes than choices that are derived from action-rationale. In complex situations teetering on crisis, taking action reduces ambiguity faster than deliberation which can create analysis paralysis. Agile operations means adopting a strong bias toward action-rationality which means experimenting, probing, and being open to surprise.


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