Our Vision

We look into the future and see how we work and act together supports human flourishing.

Our Mission

We contribute to this future by helping individuals and teams apply open participatory practices in their organizations. 

Our Values

We value openness and participation most of all.  We honor the human spirit, and the natural enthusiasms of all life. We treasure the rich diversity of the earth. We are grateful for you.

Our "we"

We are a worldwide network of entrepreneurs, leadership coaches, business consultants, organizational psychologists, and scholars supporting open participatory practices.

Our "why"

A new zeitgeist is emerging in the workplace. People want more freedom and more connection, more autonomy and more relatedness, more responsibility and more collaboration. At the same time, organizations are experiencing intense pressures to change the status-quo. The old structures are becoming obsolete, and new ways of understanding organizational life are emerging. Successful companies will adopt practices that release complexity, employ lean and agile practices, allow people more autonomy and open up to full participation. 

When it started

APP Associates, was founded by Bonnitta Roy to develop practical applications, such as organizational templates, facilitation and assessment tools, analytic techniques and process methods, all based on participatory principles, to support the transition to new ways of organizational life. APP Associates emerged from years of research and practice with her innovative approach to working with groups. This approach enables people to release the habituated, mechanistic patterns of their social self, so they can enter into authentic participation with others to create high performance teams and build better organizations.

How we do it

APP Associates is helping to create a collaborative network of professionals who are adopting open participatory principles and practices in their work. Connect and grow your network with us.
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